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MEDI-system Opens a New Long-Term Care and Rehabilitation center in Chorzów

Warsaw, Poland – September 1, 2015 – MEDI-system extended its operations to the Śląskie Province. Prior to today, the market leader of long-term medical care operated its facilities only in Mazovia. The Head of the new center in Chorzów is Monika Szukalska.

The HONORATA MEDI-system Centre is located in Maciejkowice district, at 31 Główna Street, in a building which for three years housed a different long-term care facility. The targeted patients of the Centre is directed to dependent persons, including those suffering from dementia-related conditions. The Centre has 140 bed capacity. “HONORATA is fully adapted to the needs of our patients. It has been equipped with state-of-the-art devices which satisfy all the required standards, and the patients are watched over by a professional team of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and medical carers”, said Monika Szukalska, the Head of HONORATA MEDI-system Centre in Chorzów. “Gradually, we are also going to implement innovative solutions in personnel management, such as the possibility for the family members to monitor the care over the patients online, which proved well in other MEDI-system centers”, adds Monika Szukalska.

She is referring to the SZIPO system and the Portal for the Family. These are modern IT tools used by MEDI-system in all of its centers. The SZIPO supports the work management, organization, verification and control, as well as the performance assessment, while the Portal for the Family mainly presents information on rehabilitation of and care over the patients in real time. Owing to this online application, families may quickly obtain information on current health status and treatment of their loved ones.

The HONORATA MEDI-system Centre will also offer short-term care services for the carers and families of people requiring permanent attention, who look for temporary help with care over their relatives and friends. These services will allow them for a breather and recuperation, and at the same time give the sense that they have provided specialist care and safety to their loved ones.

“Opening a new center in the Silesia Region is an important step in the further development of our Company, and furthers the implementation of strategy which, inter alia, assumes geographical expansion outside the Mazowieckie Province and increases in the Company’s commercial gains”, says Beata Leszczyńska, the President of the MEDI-system Management Board. “Entering the Silesian market of long-term care means presence in one of the most extensive markets in Poland, which is the opportunity for the Company to develop dynamically in a new region”, she adds.

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About MEDI-system
MEDI-system, established in 2001, offers the patients over 700 places in seven modern facilities in Warsaw and Chorzów. Until now, over 10 000 patients have used the services of this largest in Poland network company offering medical care and treatment. The centers specialize in neurological, orthopedic and systemic rehabilitation, as well as medical care and treatment services. Patients in the care of the company include also people who suffer from dementia, mainly in the course of the Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, cognitive impairment, Pick’s disease, Huntington’s disease, neuroborreliosis and other diseases. The MEDI-system offer is also directed to people who left hospital after getting over an illness or having a medical procedure, but who are not ready to function independently yet. The health and safety of patients is looked after by over 500-strong team of physiotherapists and nurses, including also physicians, psychologists, therapists, carers, as well as support and administrative personnel. MEDI-system centers offer the medical care in the rehabilitation wards and in the residential medical care facilities, where the stays are financed by the National Health Fund or by the patients themselves. Since 2011, the MEDI-system shareholder has been Highlander Partners investment fund.