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Biamp Systems

Beaverton, OR USA

Investment Date:
November 2017

Biamp is a leading provider of professional audio-visual (“Pro-AV”) technology that enables effective communication across diverse settings for enterprise, corporate and educational end users. Biamp was acquired in 2017 and has completed the following six acquisitions: Crowd Mics in 2018, which provides a remote audience engagement platform; Cambridge Sound Management in 2018, which manufactures sound masking systems; Apart (Belgium) and Community Speakers, which both manufacture small, medium and large venue speakers, in 2019; Huddle Room Technology (Italy), which provides wireless sharing and rebroadcasting hubs, in 2020; Neets A/S (Denmark), which designs and manufactures control systems, in 2021; and Evoko (Sweden), which manufactures room and desk scheduling systems, in 2023.

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