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Palmex / Benestar

Chicago, IL USA

Investment Date:
August 2019

Formed through a combination of Palmex and Benestar Brands, the Company emerged as a powerhouse in the snack food sector, uniting a rich heritage of brands like Mac’s, 4505 Meats, Chicas Tortilla Chips, and Cazo de Oro from Benestar, with Palmex’s innovative approach to snack pellet production. The Company specializes in a wide array of snack options, ranging from savory pork rinds and authentic, restaurant-style tortilla chips to nutritious and innovative snack pellets used in creating veggie sticks, straws, and other better-for-you snack forms. With operations spanning across North America, including state-of-the-art facilities in both the United States and Mexico, the Company is dedicated to leading the way in taste innovation and quality, catering to the evolving preferences of culturally diverse consumers.

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