July 27, 2012
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Headquarters: North Kingsville, Ohio, USA
Investment Type: Equity
Investment Date: June 2008
Exited: November 2014

The Composites Group, through its subsidiaries Premix, Hadlock Plastics and Quantum Composites, develops and supplies composite materials, and engineers and manufactures reinforced plastic components for OEM customers. Premix is a formulator and manufacturer of thermoset compounds and custom-molded components. Hadlock Plastics offers multiple molding technologies as well as precision machining, complete finishing and complex assembly. Quantum Composites specializes in the development, formulation and manufacturing of high-performance engineered structural composites. The Composites Group serves a diverse mix of end markets, including the medical and industrial equipment, construction, marine, security, transportation, electrical, HVAC, aerospace, oil and gas, and theft prevention industries.

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